About us

Super Atomic
Welcome to Super Atomic! We are official stockists of Impossible Project film and cameras. We also love vintage Polaroid cameras and hand pick and film test every one. 

Super Atomic was started in 2015 through a love of cameras and instant photography. We are based in the UK in the amazing town of Frome, Somerset.

We live in a digital age where photos can be fired off in their hundreds without thought. However instant photography creates something unique, something with soul. A blend of old and new, art and science to create something real.

We would love to see some of your images, please tag us in your social media!

Thanks to the Impossible Project who saved the Polaroid format in 2008, instant photography has taken on a new life.
Impossible continue to push the format with the I-1 instant camera, the first new camera for the Polaroid format in twenty years.

This is great little video about the Impossible Project: